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Business Law Attorney in Marina del Ray, California

Working Diligently to Protect Your Business

Tatone Law provides its clients with an array of business transactional and litigation services. Whether a startup or long-established business, the firm has experience guiding its clients through the myriad of day-to-day issues that may arise. At Tatone Law, we are committed to acting as your one-stop outside counsel for all of your legal needs. In doing so, our clients avoid the expense of having a full-time in-house counsel, while achieving the same level of commitment and focus.

At Tatone Law, we will invest the time to understand your business and goals, and to communicate and be accessible in order to effectively respond to your legal needs.

Skilled Counsel for Your Business


We’ve assisted businesses of all sizes with their legal needs, including but not limited to the following:

  • Business litigation, including breach of contract, fraud, unfair business practices, enforcement/collection actions

  • Transactions & contracts

  • Business formation:

    • Corporate formation

    • LLC formation

    • Partnerships

  • Outside general counsel services

  • Partner/Co-owners disputes

Regardless of the size of business or issue, we have the experience and diligence to help. For a free consultation and case evaluation, please call us today at 424. 289.9707.